A Better Smoke: Are CBD Pre-Rolls the New Alternative to Tobacco?


As the market for CBD and hemp expands while demand for traditional cigarettes dwindles, we may have the perfect storm for the next biggest, non-psychoactive smokeable.

Photo via HerbanTrying to quit smoking? How about some CBD flower? While not all tobacco smokers may care to feel the heady effects of cannabis as often as they would normally light up a cigarette, non-psychoactive CBD joints are fast becoming a viable alternative.”We have people coming in on their lunch breaks, buying pre-rolls to smoke, whether it’s for anxiety or for quitting cigarettes,” says Tia Tagliaferro, chief operating officer at Hemp Garden, a Manhattan-based retailer that sells CBD flower, vape oils, topicals, and more. CBD joints offer the same outlet as cigarettes do — the opportunity to calm down, take a moment outside, and focus on your breath — but without the notorious health consequences of tobacco.More than just a substitute, CBD may even provide biological support in the struggle to quit cigarettes. “Because CBD works with the endocannabinoid system, it’s a regulation tool that will bring the body back to homeostasis,” says Tagliaferro. “It will help with sleeping, anxiety, and bring you back to a calm state — which is why people turn to cigarettes in the first place, they’re looking for an outlet for their stress.”


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