9 Women-Owned Cannabis Businesses Killing It in California


These days, the legalized market has witnessed an increased number of female cannabis consumers in search of products that were made to fit their needs. From very attractive, colorful pre-rolls, and vape pens that subdue anxiety, edibles that alleviate PMS, to topical lotions that improves skin quality, or bath salts that makes one sleep better.

With knowledge of the presence of these customers, zealous female founders strive to meet the growing need for these products by providing brands that offer numerous benefits to the body, and provides general wellness for the mind and body.

Often regarded as an area suitable for women to gain some recognition and record a substantial level of success, the cannabis industry provides opportunities for further development beyond what is currently obtainable in several other established industries. A survey which was carried out in 2015 by MJ Biz Daily reported that women occupy about 36% of executive level roles in cannabis businesses, which is on the high side as compared to other regular businesses.

Recently, another study indicated that women faced a disadvantage and fell to 27% of leadership positions in Cannabis.

And with several factors like regulated marketplaces, smaller operators are pushed away leading to an even lesser percentage.

With a strong determination to change this trend, one of the Oregon’s choicest attorneys, Amy Margolis, kick started “The Initiative,” which is the first female-centric cannabis business accelerator in the world. Striving to make gender inequality less effective, Margolis says, the initiative will help in the provision of tools, mentoring, training and access to funding needed by women to make certain that they are successful in the cannabis business.

If you’re looking to help the already existing female leaders in the cannabis business, search for these products made for women, by women. These brands are particularly influential in the area of edibles and topicals, these brands which are headed by females provide added value by converting flowers into edibles, vape carts, perolls and lush body care products.

You can find these products in shops that sell items peculiar to females such as Magnolia Wellness and Phytologie, CBCB, Hi Fidelity and delivery services like Sava. All of these products possess accommodating menus to suit the needs of every type of cannabis users.

Honey Pot

Places To Find It:

  • Greenwolf LA in Los Angeles
  • Airfield Supply in San Jose

Having earned numerous Cannabis Cup awards for her edibles and topicals, Corey Thomas is amongst the most prominent producers in the business, and also a second-generation cannabis farmer with above 20 years of experience. Lately, Thomas carried out a total revamping of her brands, including an all-new compliant packaging solution for her Honey Pot, and now these products have taken their rightful place in dispensary shelves all over California. As a pioneer in the making of infused honey, the brand includes a 10mg measuring cup in its new bottles of Honey pot, to aid in the control of dosage. You can find Corey’s products, including the Honey Pot lotions, honey and the vape pens that were recently rolled out at dispensaries in Los Angeles as well as the Bay Area.


Places To Find It:

  • CBCB in Berkeley
  • Apothecarium in San Francisco
  • KindPeoples in Santa Cruz

With Amanda Jones and Jennifer Chapin being it manufacturer, Kikiko has graced the pages of Oprah Magazine and has become well known for the concept of “high tea,” with their low-dose, effect-specific teas, combining cannabinoids with several other healthy herbs to produce several moods. Specially made for pain, sleep, sex and fun –the product makes cannabis a viable option for middle-aged women who want to have that extra jolly “feeling”. Constituents of Kikoko’s “Sensuali-tea” includes a blend of 7mg of THC with aphrodisiac rose petals, hibiscus, orange peels, and several other herbs that combine to intensify intimacy. They are several other mixtures such as Sympa-Tea which is useful for pain and anxiety, Tranquili-Tea for relaxation and sleep, and Positivi-Tea for an enhanced, joyful mood.

Garden Society

Places To Find It:

  • Garden of Eden in Hayward
  • Caliva in San Jose
  • Harvest on Geary in San Francisco

As a result of the pain that emanated from going through several hip surgeries, Erin Gore looked to cannabis for help. This honed the connection and inspired the establishment of the Garden Society together with wine veteran Karli Warner.  With a concerted effort, both women founded a line of low-dose artisan confections. “Bliss Blossoms” chocolates dissolves in your mouth, resulting in a tender, satisfying feel, induced with 10mg of THC to enhance the experience. “Bright Blooms” gelées has a taste similar to that of a fruit, containing just a minimal 5mg of THC in every piece. Making their products with a mix of first-class quality, organic, fair-trade and locally sourced ingredients, such as biodynamic cannabis, the Garden Society is able to offer honest service alongside their mellow highs. Owed to this, you’re able to derive a great feeling off every single bite.

Humboldt Apothecary

Places To Find It:

  • Airfield Supply in San Jose
  • Berkeley Patient’s Group in Berkeley
  • Big Sur Cannabotanicals in Carmel-by-the-Sea

Female founders, Gillian Kevy and Susan Smith, having gained over 25 years of experience from working as herbalists, established Humboldt Apothecary. Their product – tinctures, a mouth drop which is made out of a mixture of cannabinoids and other valuable herbs to alleviate certain conditions. They offer a wide range of “Sweet Jane” products which provides a wide variety of THC to CBD ratios, and for this reason, every type of person is covered. The soothing feeling that accompanies Tinctures causes you to rest, relax, and uplift, owing to its rich constituents which is a combination of essential oils with cannabis infused into medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) coconut oil to produce different effects. Be on the lookout for “Love Potion No. 7,” a tincture which enhances healthy libido with damiana, cinnamon, cardamom, kava kava and roasted cacao nibs.


Places to Find It:

  • Barbary Coast in San Francisco
  • Harvest on Geary in San Francisco
  • Sava Delivery in the Bay Area

As experts in gourmet, handmade marshmallows with complex flavors and a minute quantity of THC, Stephanie Hua established the most recent “San Francisco treat” using extremely light and fluffy Mellows. Stephanie Hua, a San Francisco graduate, and also holds a degree in culinary arts, she joined forces with a fellow alumni Coreen Carroll to make edibles: Small Bites for the Modern Cannabis Kitchen, a cookbook which centers on THC-infused party treats, which will be available in November. These products are exclusive to San Francisco dispensaries and Bay Area delivery service. Sava Mellows are offered in gift-ready packs of 12, with every one of them containing a mellow 5mg. of THC. Flavors offered are Orange Dreamsicle, Strawberry Shortcake, and Peanut Butter Pretzel.

Hot Nife

Places To Find It:

  • From the Earth in Santa Ana
  • MedMen in Los Angeles
  • Golden State Greens in San Diego
  • CBCB in Berkeley
  • 7 Stars in Richmond

Founder, Circle Rose Wallace, a former professional snowboarder and sports agent formerly referred to as “one of the most powerful women working in action sports,” Hot Nife is very attractive owed to the radiant colors and retro ‘80s style which their products: prerolls and vape pens are made with. Adopting the old-school style, “hot-knifing” hash by pressing it between two red-hot butter knives to facilitate inhaling the smoke, Hot Nife takes another step in refining the mix of oils extracted from Sativa, Indica and Hybrid cannabis varieties meant to be sipped through a vape pen. Look out for their new pre-rolls, which comes in beautiful pink and purple hemp papers, crowned with a glossy gold crutch for aesthetics.

Om Edibles

Places To Find It:

  • Dutchman’s Flat in San Francisco (topicals)
  • Phytologie Wellness in Oakland (tinctures and topicals)
  • Humboldt Patient Resource Center in Arcata (edibles)

Maya Elisabeth, multiple Cannabis Cup winner. She is very prominent in the cannabis industry, and has received high praise for her accomplishments, and for founding the Om Edibles brand. A wide range of products including soothing topicals, edibles and relaxing bath soaks. Maya linked up with Whoopi Goldberg to begin Whoopi & Maya in 2016, formulating a brand targeted at alleviating the aches and pains that are tied to monthly menstruation in women. Lately, Om Edibles rolled out an all-new line of complex, vegan lychee blossom gummies, each with 10mg of THC. Stock up on full-flavored, spreadable cacao mixed with either THC or CBD, together with soothing Lion’s Balm, Nighttime tincture put together to enhance sleep, and exquisite Lavender medicated Epsom salt bath socks.

Lulu’s Botanicals

Places To Find It:

  • Satori Wellness in McKinleyville
  • Foothill Wellness in Los Angeles
  • Cornerstone Research Collective in Los Angeles

Lulu’s chocolate, a brainchild of Lulu Bonner who originally founded raw chocolate company. With time, she began to include cannabis to her products, and matched her position as a dedicated cannabis activist and her vast experience as a chocolatier. Lulu’s Botanicals, a spun-off cannabis company through which Bonner mixes her organic, raw, fair trade chocolate with cannabis oil and live terpenes from Higher Vision Cannabis to produce an experience which is tagged “next level.” Bonner collaborates with an expert herbalist to produce effect-specific combinations which are aimed at creating an Arousing, Awakening, and Relaxing feeling. The constituents of this al-powerful mixture is a combination of cannabis and cacao, blended with essential herbal ingredients.

Space Gems

Places To Find It:

  • Harvest on Geary in San Francisco
  • Cookies SF in San Francisco
  • Satori Wellness in McKinleyville
  • Humboldt Patient Resource Center in Arcata

Humboldt local Wendy LoveBird has transformed its native edibles company and moved it to the legal marketplace, going through several setback, and conquering them thus restoring her classic products to the shelves of dispensaries this fall. Offering a variety of products, ranging from sour to sweet Space Gems gummies in several flavors such as Grape, Mandarin, Peach and Cherry. These products are made from first-class quality vegan ingredients, and infused with cold-water hash. The product constitutes 10mg. of THC in every piece, and every pack comes with ten gummies. Space Gems also offers gummies that are rich in CBD as well as “Vita Gummies” boosted with Vitamin C.


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