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Americans spent over $5 billion on legal medical and recreational marijuana in 2015. That’s more than what they dropped on Doritos, Cheetos, and Funyuns combined.

These transactions didn’t go down in seedy back alleys. These days, patients and weed enthusiasts pay visit to brick-and-mortar shops across America, where smoke-able marijuana, infused foods, concentrates, and pot paraphernalia are sold legally.

Twenty-five states and the District of Columbia currently have laws legalizing marijuana in some form (for medical or recreational purposes), and voters in another five states will cast ballots for legalization this November.

With dispensaries likely to start cropping up on more street corners this fall, we set out to identify the existing shops setting the bar in marijuana retail.

Here are the 25 pot shops blazing a trail in the industry.

The Grove

25. The GroveThe Grove

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada

Score: 95.8 out of 100

The Grove has no trouble fitting in near the Las Vegas Strip with its neon green siding and name in lights. The medical marijuana dispensary offers product for patients from all walks of life, including a signature joint rolled in gold-plated paper.

The shop also accepts out-of-state medicinal marijuana cards for easy acces


Have a Heart — Skyway

24. Have a Heart — SkywayHave a Heart

Location: Seattle, Washington

Score: 96.11

When canna-tourists touch down in Seattle, their first stop might be Have a Heart — Skyway, located eight minutes from the airport. The company’s longstanding relationships with local growers helps them provide high quality recreational marijuana at fair prices.

The shop even got the ultimate weed smoker stamp of approval when Snoop Dogg visited in April.

High Quality Compassion

23. High Quality CompassionHigh Quality Compassion

Location: Corvallis, Oregon

Score: 96:22

High Quality Compassion — pun intended — bills itself as a mission-driven dispensary where patients and enthusiasts can live life to the fullest through cannabis consumption.

Customers receive a free pre-roll joint with every purchase on the first Sunday of the month.

Essence Cannabis Dispensary

22. Essence Cannabis Dispensary — Las Vegas StripEssence Cannabis Dispensary

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada

Score: 96.28

Situated on the north end of the Las Vegas Strip, Essence Cannabis Dispensary says it makes quality service a top priority.

The dispensary sources its bud from a pharmaceutical-grade cultivation facility, and has an on-site nurse to answer patients’ questions.

House of Dank

21. House of DankHouse of Dank

Location: Detroit, Michigan

Score: 96.3

The black market continues to dominate pot sales in Detroit, Michigan, where medicinal marijuana has been legal since 2008. House of Dank opened on the infamous 8 Mile Road to provide safe access and education to those in need.

Members receive a free gram of weed with every patient referral.

Ballpark Holistic Dispensary

20. Ballpark Holistic DispensaryBallparkholistic

Location: Denver, Colorado

Score: 96.59

Ballpark Holistic Dispensary is a one-stop-shop for medical and recreational users alike.

It carries 18 flower strains, including the company’s proprietary Denvr Maple, which was recognized as one of the best indica strains at the High Times 2014 Cannabis Cup.

Swell Farmacy

19. Swell FarmacySwell Farmacy

Location: Youngtown, Arizona

Score: 96.63

Swell Farmacy hopes every patient that walks through the door becomes a pseudo-ambassador for the medical marijuana industry. The dispensary strives to educate customers through community events and conversations with their proud “budtenders.”

Swell Farmacy also gives a discount to veterans and active military members in support of those suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder.

Cannabis and Glass

18. Cannabis and GlassCannabis and Glass

Location: Spokane, Washington

Score: 96.66

As such, Cannabis and Glass aims to provide the most affordable pot in eastern Washington. All flower retails for $10 or less per gram, and pre-roll joints cost $5.

Nectar — West Portland Park

17. Nectar — West Portland ParkNectar PDX

Location: Portland, Oregon

Score: 96.8

One of the largest dispensary chains in Oregon, Nectar likes to say it follows the bud from “clone to client.” The company knows where every strain was grown, and ensures its providers send their products for lab testing routinely.

Plus, Nectar offers “daily deal s” that you can’t beat, like $2 edibles.

The GreenHouse

16. The GreenHouseThe GreenHouse

Location: Glendale, Arizona

Score: 96.81

The GreenHouse is a no muss, no fuss kind of dispensary.

New patients enter automatically into a loyalty rewards program, where every dollar spent earns a point. Once you reach 400 points, you receive a $50 store credit.

Infinite Wellness Center Fort Collins

15. Infinite Wellness Center — Fort CollinsInfinite Wellness Center — Fort Collins

Location: Fort Collins, Colorado

Score: 96.89

Newcomers and connoisseurs trust Infinite Wellness Center to provide the largest selection of flower — grown in-house using hydroponics— in Northern Colorado.

There are over 35 strains sold, and their consistency in quality keeps patients coming back.

Humboldt Patient Resource Center

14. Humboldt Patient Resource CenterHumboldt Patient Resource Center

Location: Arcata, California

Score: 96.92

Located in the heart of the Emerald Triangle, Humboldt Patient Resource Center has been in operation for over 17 years— making it one of the first dispensaries to open after California legalized medical marijuana.

It’s also one of the best, thanks to its quality medicine and supportive staff.

Growing ReLeaf

13. Growing ReLeafGrowingreleaf

Location: Beaverton, Oregon

Score: 96.94

Growing ReLeaf has cultivated rich relationships with growers over the years, and today, it serves as a flagship store for many premium, limited-release products.

On “Medible Mondays,” marijuana edibles are discounted 10%.

KIND Dispensary

12. KIND Dispensary

Location: Lansing, Michigan

Score: 97.06

Serving central Michigan for over five years, KIND considers itself a family more than a collective. Staff take time to ensure medicinal marijuana patients find what they need.

Plus, Saturdays are “Shatterdays,” when shatter and wax products are deeply discounted.

Preferred Organic Therapy

11. Preferred Organic TherapyPreferred Organic Therapy

Location: Denver, Colorado

Score: 97.08

As a top Denver marijuana dispensary, Preferred Organic Therapy (POT) offers a safe, intimate atmosphere for customers to engage with budtenders.

The newly remodeled space uses sleek, glass displays cases and a grayscale color scheme that oozes professionalism.

California Herbal Remedies

10. California Herbal Remedies — Los AngelesCalifornia Herbal Remedies

Location: Los Angeles, California

Score: 97.13

Established in 2007, California Herbal Remedies carries over 70 strains to meet every patient’s needs and budget — including specialty strains that are highly psychoactive.

You really can’t beat a dispensary that has a Mexican restaurant located next door.

Healing Tree Wellness Center

9. Healing Tree Wellness Center

Location: Detroit, Michigan

Score: 97.23

Healing Tree Wellness Center offers one of the best deals on Detroit’s 8 Mile Road. A gram costs just $8, while a gram of loose-leaf “leftover” marijuana, called shake, is $3.

The dispensary stocks a variety of products made in the Great Lakes State, including the Michigan Organic Rub, an all organic, cannabis oil-infused balm.

White Mountain Health Center

8. White Mountain Health CenterHealing Tree Wellness Center

Location: Sun City, Arizona

Score: 97.24

Arizona native and master grower Daryl “butch” Williams opened White Mountain Health Center in 2015 after facing fierce opposition from anti-medical marijuana folk.

The result of his efforts is a facility where patients can marvel at the collection of historical pharmaceutical equipment and pot-themed art.

World of Weed

7. World of WeedWashington

Score: 97.39

At World of Weed, what you see is what you get. Products are displayed in glass display cases, and staff welcome questions with a smile.

If you’re a shy shopper, rest assured — there’s discreet parking located behind the building.

6. Purple Star MD

6. Purple Star MDPurple Star MD

Location: San Francisco, California

Score: 97.47

Located in the heart of the Mission District, Purple Star MD makes healing its mission.

The dispensary offers complimentary deliveries and sweet deals, like buy-one-get-one sales on flower, wax, shatter, and vaporizer cartridges.

Lightshade — Havana

5. Lightshade — HavanaLightshade — Havana

Location: Aurora, Colorado

Score: 97.48

Established in 2011, Lightshade provides some of the most potent cannabis in Colorado across six locations.

The dispensary sources bud from its own state-of-the-art growing facilities.

tru | med

4. tru | medtru | med

Location: Phoenix, Arizona

Score: 97.64

Tru | Med puts a contemporary spin on the medical marijuana dispensary experience. The waiting area sets patients at ease with soothing tones and wood paneling, while the patient education zone invites customers to learn more about what they’re putting into their bodies.

It’s also worth stopping by the concentrates bar, which was inspired by the boutique bakery aesthetic.

The Jazz Club

3. The Jazz ClubThe Jazz Club

Location: Detroit, Michigan

Score: 97.92

The Jazz Club opened doors to the public in 2015 and has been a welcomed member of the community ever since.

The staff get to know patients by their first names and hold monthly raffles to show appreciation for their patronage.

Airfield Supply Co.

2. Airfield Supply Co.Airfield Supply Co.

Location: San Jose, California

Score: 98.05

Founded by a group of like-minded fitness enthusiasts, Airfield Supply Co. serves patients who recognize the medicinal value of cannabis.

This boutique-style collective cultivates marijuana on-site and trains staff extensively to provide clients with the most stress-free experience possible.


1. CalivaCaliva

Location: San Jose, California

Score: 98.49

San Jose’s premiere dispensary raises the marijuana industry to higher standards — pun intended.

This breathtaking facility looks like a page torn from an REI catalog, with stone floors and natural wood paneling.

While staff may be relaxed, there’s no question they take service seriously.