6 Ways to Indulge In Cannabis Without Having to Light Up


Remember your first attempt to smoke cannabis. You’d most likely recall how it felt to burn your throat, the inexperienced manner with which you handled the carb, how you couldn’t really decide how long to drag the smoke…several other experiences that are tied to those learning days. These memories, though old for veteran smokers, but are the current experiences of the newcomers.

Many people dislike the idea of smoking, and for those with a health condition that doesn’t permit it, there are left with no choice but to stay away. Society’s stigma of smokers is the only thing hindering many people from smoking cannabis, even if it is permitted in their geographic location (maybe you can see your mom taking a bong rip, but I sure can’t).

You may be aware of several other ways to ingest cannabis, and these methods have evolved over the years. Several people are looking to consume cannabis, while being fully sure that they are not hurting their health. Here are some suggestions that can help you get a smoke-free cannabis experience.


The act of vaporizing does not require you to light anything up, actually the chemical constituents of cannabis vaporize at lower rates, and at very health-friendly temperature. Per the taste, vaporized cannabis is preferred by many smokers, as compared to the taste that emanates from the burning of marijuana, and the vapor is not as hard on the lungs as the latter. Bigger table-top vaporization have sophisticated temperature settings, and can provide you with first-class quality vapor alongside hand-held devices that can give you a great dose of cannabis flower or oils on the go. Currently, there are lots of reasonably priced vaporizers in the market, if you’re trying to smoke weed without actually smoking it.


Another popular alternative to smoking is consuming foods or drinks that are infused with cannabis. Marijuana edibles is becoming more and more acceptable by manufacturers. These days, you can have a “cannabis-induced-anything,” from butter, to oils. It is an incredibly easy process, the only thing that needs care is the dosage. Then again, a lot of dispensaries offer a great number of options to pick from, from infused lemonade to roasted garlic crackers. You’re most likely aware of these products, and how they work. The issue of dosage may at this point be music to your ears, but the again it should not be taken with a pinch of salt. Begin with a low dosage, owed to the digestive processes which it has to undergo, edibles unlike the rest take some more time before its effects are felt, but they have strong psychoactive effects.

Ingestible Oils

This refers to any cannabis formula that is taken with the mouth. Most times, they are produced in capsules or plastic applicators. Whichever way it comes, it can be ingested directly, or in addition to food or drink. The psychoactive effects that comes with ingestible oils are as powerful as that of edibles, and also takes a while to kick in owed to the digestive processes which it has to undergo. Again, pay attention to your dosage!


Tinctures are infused liquids that extract cannabis compounds using an alcohol soak and are applied directly under the tongue. Tinctures kick in once it is ingested, because it goes straight into the bloodstream, and for this reason, it becomes effective almost immediately which makes it possible to manage dosage. They are produced in a several flavors, potencies, and cannabinoid profiles, providing an option for everyone.


Topicals are cannabis-infused lotions and balms which can alleviate pain, soreness and inflammation upon application on the skin. One distinct characteristic of cannabis topicals lies in their ability to provide treatment for symptoms without any corresponding psychoactive effects. So if you need to think properly, but at the same time want that elated feeling, topicals are the best option.


Dabbing is a way of flash-vaporization by which cannabis concentrates are dropped over a heated water-pipe attachment and inhaled for intensely potent results. The connection is a glass or metallic nail that’s warmed up utilizing a butane torch – and if that seems sketchy for you, the public wouldn’t disagree. But dabbing fanatics typically elect this technique because (a) properly processed concentrates provide a clean experience free from plant materials, and (b) dabbing produces a vapor instead of smoke. It might not be the choice you suggest to a first-time cannabis consumer, but it’s certainly a choice for vets.


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